Kings Valley yak farmer Nick Hazelton's yak Sherman, pictured here in 2017.

Kings Valley yak farmer Nick Hazelton’s yak Sherman, pictured here in 2017.

Courtesy of Nick Hazelton



  • The Trump administration announced policy changes that will make it harder for legal immigrants who use public benefits like Medicaid or food stamps to get green cards and U.S. citizenship. We get more on how these changes are likely to impact Oregon residents from Beth Englander, an attorney for the Oregon Law Center, and Estela Munoz Villarreal, health policy coordinator for the Latino Health Coalition.



  • Nick Hazelton, 20, always knew he would be a farmer — he just didn’t want to raise cows or chickens. When Nick was 15 he came across yaks while researching exotic farm animals online. Now, he has a herd of 25 yaks. We talk with Hazelton about the highs and lows of the yak business. 



  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s new artistic director, Nataki Garrett, started her new job at the beginning of August. She’s also directing a play called “How To Catch Creation.” Garrett takes over from Bill Rauch who directed the festival for 12 years. 

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