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Independence For The Portland City Auditor | Radiotopia | Democratic Tax Plan

Roman Mars is the host of the "99% Invisible" podcast and co-founder of the Radiotopia podcast network.

Roman Mars is the host of the “99% Invisible” podcast and co-founder of the Radiotopia podcast network.

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  • Portland’s Auditor Mary Hull Caballero joins us to talk about the measure on the May ballot that would strengthen the independence and accountability of the city’s watchdog department.



  • Roman Mars’ “99 % Invisible” podcast is about the unseen influence of architecture and design on our lives. He joins us to discuss some of the storytellers who make up the Radiotopia network he created with PRX and the “Radiotopia Live” West Coast tour, which kicks off in Portland on Monday.



  • Democratic lawmakers have a plan to change the way businesses are taxed in Oregon. They say they need bold action to provide money for schools. Republicans say this is the return of Measure 97 —  another attempt at a sales tax. We hear from Democratic Senator Mark Hass from Beaverton about how the plan would work. Tomorrow, we’ll get the Republican response from Representative Cliff Bentz.

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