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Intel's 3D Chip Technology

Pete Springer/OPB

Intel wasn’t shy this week when it announced the mass production of its new 3D computer chips. Calling the new design “a significant breakthrough in the evolution of the transistor,” the company said that the chips will be 37 percent more powerful than existing technology while only consuming half of the electricity.

Tech industry analysts see this new chip, which was designed at the company’s Hillsboro campus, as a way for Intel to break into the fast-growing mobile market of phones and tablets.

Here’s a very goofy (but also very helpful) promotional video from Intel that explains the technological breakthrough in layman’s terms:

Do you work for Intel? Did your sleepless nights contribute to this announcement? (Do you have sleepless nights ahead of you, as you ramp up production?)

If you’re not a semiconductor engineer, what questions do you have about this new technology — about how it works, or what it will mean in practice?


  • Kaizad Mistry: Vice President in the Technology and Manufacturing Group, and the manager of the 22 Nanometer Project 
  • Rick Merritt: Editor at large for EE Times
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