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Invasive Species Found On Japanese Dock

Pete Springer/OPB

Some of what was once deemed flotsam on the 66-foot Japanese dock that washed ashore in Oregon in early June is now being identified as potentially invasive to the area’s Pacific coastline.

The Northern pacific sea star and Japanese shore crab are two of the species that have been identified as particularly harmful. Scientists at Oregon State University are keeping a blog with the most up-to-date list of invasive species — so far they’ve discovered about 50.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has also included the public in the search. They’d like people who see organisms attached to marine debris to send photos with details.

According to John Chapman, an aquatic invasive species specialist from OSU’s Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, more invasive organisms will likely be discovered in coming weeks.

Have you visited the dock? Did you spot any invasive species?


John Chapman: Courtesy Assistant Professor of Fisheries at OSU’s Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Caren Braby, PhD: Marine Resources Program Manager for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

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