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Iran from the Northwest

Pete Springer/OPB

Political unrest in Iran has been the top story in the news since June 13th when President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was reelected. Officials announced that he won the election by more than 60 percent of the vote. But Mr. Admadinejad’s main challenger, Mir Hussein Moussavi, quickly rejected the results and called on supporters to protest.

Since then there have been mass protests on the streets of Tehran. Now those protests are coming here. On Thursday people will protest in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square. On Friday there will be a vigil at Portland State University.

A local expat, Faramarz Mehrdadfar, spoke to the Wall Street Journal and said:

People are just in a state of shock… As far as family, contacting them via telephone is very hard these days… Cellphones are almost impossible to call, and even their land lines are super busy. It took me two days, and more than 50 tries to finally contact my parents.

Are you an expat from Iran? What do you think of the political unrest there? How do you view these protests from here? Do you have friends or family members in Iran? Have you been in touch with them? What do they say about the current situation?


  • Mina Schoenheit: Cultural consultant who came to the U.S. from Iran with her family in 1961
  • Bahram Bahmanyar: Volunteer programmer at KBOO Community Radio hosting Persian Art and Music, came to t he U.S. from Iran in 1972 as an engineering student
  • Faramarz Mehrdadfar: Graphic designer for Visual Concepts, came to the U.S. from Iran as a teenager to go to school
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