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Ismet Prcic

Pete Springer/OPB

Many first novelists say they bring a lot of themselves in the characters. But Ismet Prcic takes it a step further in his debut novel, Shards. Prcic was on our show in October and he captivated all of us with his stories of growing up in Bosnia, the way he played with the idea of memory, and how he balanced fact and fiction. To give you just a taste, Prcic’s book tells the story of a man named Ismet Prcic, whose life may or may not parallel the author’s. He told us,

We’re all living these kinds of fictional lives. Humans are like stories we tell ourselves, then perform ourselves. It’s all narratives that everyone believes in.

Have you read Shards? What did you think of it?


  • Ismet Prcic: Author of Shards
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