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So You Want To Be A Stormtrooper

Pete Springer/OPB

Joining the Cloud City Garrison requires more than just a cheap stormtrooper Halloween costume. For this group of Star Wars fans who dress as characters minor and major, the goal is a realistic fantasy that will make children and adults alike feel they’ve been greeted by someone taking a breather from the Galactic Civil War.

The Cloud City Garrison is the Oregon and southwest Washington chapter of the 501st Legion, a worldwide organization of more than 6,500 active members. Its good-guy counterpart, the Kashyyyk Base, is part of the smaller Rebel Legion. The Cloud City Garrison’s commanding officer Steve Squire, also known as stormtrooper TK-502, says it takes a lot of time and a chunk of money to put together a costume worthy of the Garrison. When asked about a basic stormtrooper costume, he said it would take several months and $1,000 to pull off.

All of this geeky, fan-boy-and-girl dedication is funneled toward good causes. Squire says he’s donned his costume officially 30 times this year, almost always for groups like Make-a-Wish and Doernbechers Children’s Hospital.

What questions do you have for TK-502?

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