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Portland blogger Jack Bogdanski writes about whatever is on his mind: city politics, the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the curse of fruitful plum trees. He’s in the news himself this week for a post that sparked a federal investigation.

In January, Bogdanski published a detailed floor plan for the planned Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility slated for the South Waterfront. He says the document was emailed to him anonymously and his point in posting it was to show that the building was more of a jail than an office space. This distinction has been a bone of contention between the federal government and the South Portland Neighborhood Association. In February, Portland City Council agreed to put the planned building through a more rigorous public process. The next hearing on that took place Wednesday morning.

Bogdanski says he doesn’t know who sent him the floor plan but, even if he did, he wouldn’t tell the federal government. He did take down the floor plan he posted because, as he put it, “the point had been made.” As a self-described “hobby blogger” and not an “official” journalist, he readily admits that if he did have access to the source, he might find himself in a tough spot. As it is, he says the investigation doesn’t seem to be focused on him and he’s happily celebrating his ninth year as a blogger. 

Are you a blogger? Have you ever found yourself in hot water over a post? Do you read Jack Bog’s Blog? What questions do you have for Jack Bogdanski?

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