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The Japanese Dock on the Oregon Coast

Pete Springer/OPB

Last week, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department was in the middle of working on a plan to deal with the debris that regularly washes up on Oregon shores. Then a 66-foot steel dock showed up on Agate Beach, just north of Newport. The department’s Chris Havel says that’s been his focus ever since. He says visitors have been flocking to the coast to see the thing — he estimates about 10 times the normal number. 

Scientists swarmed the dock last week, concerned about invasive species. But after scraping and going over the entire exposed area with flame, that threat appears less likely.

Here are a few photos from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department of the dock on Agate Beach.


So, what’s going to happen next with this huge piece of debris — and how soon? We’ll get answers from Chris Havel. 

Are you one of the 11,000 people who have visited the dock that washed ashore on the Oregon Coast on Agate Beach near Newport? What did you get from the experience? Are you planning to visit? What are you hoping to see? 

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