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Jobs In the Recession

Have you lost your job or had to lay people off?

More than 6000 Oregonians lost their jobs in November, according to the latest report from the Oregon Employment Department, increasing unemployment from 7.2 percent in October to 8.1 percent in November. This is the fourth consecutive month where over 4,000 jobs were lost. The industries hardest hit include leisure, hospitality, trade, transportation and utilities. How are you affected?

One person I spoke with the other day explained that unemployment is difficult for him because he gets so bored. There is so little to do, and so few jobs to apply for. He’s trying to be proactive in his job search but finds that people are wary about doing informational interviews; they’re afraid their own jobs may be next on the chopping block. So what is a person to do when he loses his job in this bad economy?

And what about employers? How quickly should they make a decision to let staff go? As soon as profits drop, in fear that times are just going to get worse, or as a last resort when other cost-cutting measures have been exhausted? Should firing people be the first — or last — step in maintaining your business in this recession?

Are you one of the thousands of people who have lost your job in Oregon this year? Or one of the many employers who had to give the bad news? How is the recession affecting your livelihood?

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