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Candidate Conversation: John Kitzhaber

Pete Springer/OPB

For the last month we’ve been collecting your questions in preparation for having the gubernatorial candidates on the air. We brought you Chris Dudley from the Flying J truck stop in La Grande last week. Now Democratic candidate John Kitzhaber joins us live in studio.

We’ll talk to him about why he wants to take office again and what he’s going to do to turn around the economy in this state. Plus we’ll ask him questions from you. Jeffersonian wants to know what the oath of office means. Pdxdan wants to know about how he might leverage the philanthropic sector. And Paulswag asks:

How will the Governor stop the polarization in government?  How will the Governor find Oregon’s measure of success?  Where are we going Gov and where should we be going?  How can we help?

With less than a week before the election, a new poll conducted by Davis, Hibbitts and Midghall for OPB, Fox 12, and the Portland Tribune and Community Newspapers shows Chris Dudley having a slight lead over John Kitzhaber. Do you know how you are going to vote? What do you need to hear from Kitzhaber in order to make up your mind?

Editor’s Note: Since the two candidates have only participated in one debate, OPB News has created a virtual debate where you can check out both of their answers to a variety of issues. Check it out here.

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