The Dispensary on 52nd is a cannabis store in Portland. 

 The Dispensary on 52nd is a cannabis store in Portland. 

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  • Last week, the Jordan Cove Energy Project withdrew its application for a state permit. It’s unclear what this means for the controversial liquified natural gas project on the Oregon coast. We talk with Jefferson Public Radio news director Liam Moriarty, who has been reporting on this.



  • Kaiser Permanente in the Northwest is putting more than $5 million into housing homeless seniors by the end of the year. The goal is to find housing for 300 medically vulnerable seniors, who might otherwise have a higher rate of hospital admissions and emergency room visits. Ruth Adkins, of Kaiser Permanente Northwest, and Alyssa Craigie, Director of Health System Integration at Health Share Oregon, will help to administer the program.



  • Oregon Health and Science University is working on a long-term study about cognitive impairment in older people. They’re doing it by tracking the financial decisions participants are making online. We hear from Kathy Wild, the principal investigator in the study and an associate professor of neurology and psychiatry in the OHSU School of Medicine, along with Jo Ann Walter, who volunteered to participate in the study. 



  • The city of Ontario is asking state lawmakers to change the formula Oregon uses to allocate cannabis tax money to cities. The current formula bases tax allocations largely on city populations. But Ontario city officials think the tax money they get should be based on the total amount of sales in Ontario. We talk with Ontario mayor Riley Hill.  

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