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Josephine County Public Safety | Portland Police Search | Author Blake Nelson

Josephine County Jail

Josephine County Jail

Dave Blanchard/OPB


  • Josephine County has seen five failed public safety levies since 2012, but on May 16 that streak ended. Voters in the rural Southern Oregon county passed a levy to fund the county jail. We talk with Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel about why he thinks these levies succeeded where others have failed and what he plans to do with the influx of funding.



  • We sit down with Portland police officer and president of the police union Daryl Turner to get his take on the city’s national search for a new police chief.


  • Young adult author Blake Nelson may be best known for his book “Girl,” set in Portland in the 1990s. Now he’s come out with a new book, “Boy,” set in the Portland of today.

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