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Journalism Is Alive And Well At Grant High School

Grant High School, Portland.

Grant High School, Portland.


Students who work on Grant Magazine say putting out a monthly magazine is more like a job than a class, and that’s what they love about it. Each slick, glossy publication starts with a pitch meeting where reporters and editors toss around ideas with their instructor, Dave Austin. The former Oregonian reporter and editor now heads up communications for Multnomah County and he volunteers his time to guide the students.

The three-year-old publication doesn’t shy away from difficult topics like hazing, controversial curriculum changes, and even teen suicide. Student journalists also get a chance to profile big-name Grant alumni like Dan Wieden.

This year, the students’ hard work garnered them a Gold Crown Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Students say the work can be grueling, and is far more demanding than other classes, but the payoff is big too. Editor Luke Bolton told Think Out Loud, “At the end of the month, when you get the magazines back and pass them out and people are reading them in the halls and bumping into each other, it’s really satisfying to see that the community appreciates it.”

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