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Katherine Ann Power's Path To Peace

Katherine Ann Power's FBI file photo

Katherine Ann Power’s FBI file photo

Katherine Ann Power grew up in Denver, Colorado. She did well in grade school, went to a good college, and was engaged with Democratic politics and her Catholic faith.

Then she became one of the FBI’s ten most wanted fugitives.

Power’s path to becoming a criminal involved a mix of bad choices, disillusionment, a dangerous social group, depression, and “a compulsive defiance of authority,” as she puts it. She became a fugitive after one of her accomplices shot and killed a Boston police officer during a bank heist. Power fled the scene and began her life on the run.

She made her way to Lebanon, OR, where she worked as a cook, and began a new life under the pseudonym Alice Metzinger. The only person who knew her true identity was her husband. She avoided the FBI for 23 years, and presumably could have kept doing so had she not decided to turn herself in in 1993.

Under the terms of her sentence, Power couldn’t publically speak about her experience for 20 years. Now that the probation period has ended, we’ll hear about her life and how she has changed from the 21-year-old who went on the run.


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