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Kicking the Kicker?

Pete Springer/OPB

February marks the start of the Oregon Legislature’s month-long special session. Lawmakers begin meeting on the heels of a statewide vote on a pair of tax measures Democrats said were needed to balance the state’s budget. Governor Kulongoski has stated his top priority for February is reforming the income tax refund known as “the kicker.”

We discussed possible changes to the kicker last year, when lawmakers were considering it. A year later, Kulongoski seems to think that statewide approval of the tax measures means Oregonians are ready for the stability a (kicker-fed) rainy day fund would bring. But some political observers — and legislative leaders — appear to be less than convinced.

Did you vote for or against the income and business tax proposals on January 26th? Do you support changing the kicker law? If so, what change would you support?

Do you count on your income tax kicker refund? What do you do with it? How does the financial instability of the state affect you, your neighborhood or your community?


Note: Emily Harris will be hosting the show from the Capitol building in Salem; Dave Miller will be in our Portland studio.

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