Kairos PDX school at the Humboldt building in Portland, Oregon, August 2018. (Erica Morrison/OPB)

Kairos PDX school at the Humboldt building in Portland, Oregon, August 2018. (Erica Morrison/OPB)

Erica Morrison/OPB



  • A week after George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis, protesters in Portland demonstrated for a fourth night in a row. Kali Thorne Ladd is the executive director and co-founder of KairosPDX, a public charter school focused on eliminating racial achievement and opportunity disparities. She says it’s vitally important to talk to children about the protests and what’s behind them. We ask her how she’s approaching these conversations at home with her own children and at KairosPDX.



  • As many as 10,000 people gathered in Portland over the weekend to protest police killings of Black people, and many are calling for police reform and additional oversight. Lakayana Drury is the co-chair of the Portland Committee on Community-Engaged Policing, the group of community members tasked with making sure the Portland Police engagement plan meets the public’s needs. He joins us to discuss his thoughts on police oversight in Portland.



  • When can I hug someone who doesn’t live in my house? Can my kids go on a playdate? Can I have my neighbors over for dinner? When can I start dating again? Even as state and local policies start to shift in terms of what is legally allowed during the pandemic, there are no clear answers to questions like these. But public health experts and infectious disease specialists can help us think through our choices about spending time with others. What questions are you facing in your personal life right now? Our guests are Washington County’s chief epidemiologist Kim Repp and John Townes, professor of medicine and medical director of Infection Prevention and Control at OHSU.

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