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Kip Kinkel

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In 1999 Kip Kinkel pled guilty and was sentenced to 111 years in prison for the shooting death of his parents and two students at Thurston High School in Springfield. He also injured 25 others in Oregon’s worst school shooting.

Kinkel claimed at the time that he was answering to voices in his head. He was sent to live at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn until he was 24. Then he was moved to Oregon State Prison in Salem. This month his attorney filed a lawsuit against the state in U.S. District Court, claiming that in 1999 Kinkel had inadequate legal representation. If he had, his attorney argues, his plea would have been guilty but insane and he would have gone to the Oregon State Hospital instead of prison.

That’s what he’s asking for now, in a post conviction process.

Do you remember following Kip Kinkel’s story, from the shooting to the sentencing? Should Kinkel return to court? Should he be moved to the Oregon State Hospital?


  • Dennis Balske: Kip Kinkel’s attorney
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