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Kishi Bashi Performs In OPB's Studio

Watch Kishi Bashi explain how he creates a song by looping his voice and violin:

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K Ishibashi is no stranger to sharing the stage. He has recorded and toured with big indie names like Regina Spektor and of Montreal. And he was a founding member of mid-aughts Brooklyn band Jupiter One. But his recent work — under the moniker Kishi Bashi — is very much a solo project. He plays most of the instruments on the albums, usually recording the tracks at home. And the music that emerges reflects that creative process. The songs are the idiosyncratic fantasies of a particularly fertile mind, as you can hear in the songs he performed in OPB’s studio:

His first full album, 151agarnered significant critical attention when it was released, and this month he returned with Lighght (pronounced “light”). He’s added a few members to his touring band, and he’s one of a number of contemporary musicians who uses live looping to play multiple parts over each other on stage. He joined us in studio for a solo set.

Kishi Bashi brought a set of songs from his recent album — Lighght — and a few older favorites to perform at OPB’s studio.

Kishi Bashi played the Wonder Ballroom Monday, May 19 at 8:30.

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