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Kitchen Table Politics: A Thankgiving Special

Pete Springer/OPB

It’s holiday season: the time for traveling long distances, reuniting with family, telling the same jokes, listening to the same music and, often, eating the same foods. This is the season of big meals that don’t really change from year to year — that are as much about tradition as sustenance.

But there’s a different kind of eating:

Eating not just for sociability, or celebration, or taste — god forbid that is your only reason! — but as a political act.

This may mean chowing down on the whole animal, eating “snout to tail,” as some happy carnivores suggest.

Or preserving your summer bounty to last you — in your freezer, or your basement, or your root cellar — the rest of the year.

Or maybe a personal drive to become a locavore: to eat vegetables and meats and grains that aren’t just organic, or fresh, or tasty, but local: tomatoes from your backyard, apples gleaned from the tree down the street, lamb from a nearby zip code.

We’re taking Thanksgiving off, but we thought we’d leave you with a holiday smorgasbord made up of some of our favorite moments from three recent shows that explored the intersection of food and politics. We’ll be back with a new hour, live and fresh, on Monday, December 1. Happy Thanksgiving!


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