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Kitzhaber Wins

Pete Springer/OPB

John Kitzhaber will be Oregon’s next governor, winning a third term as the head of this state. The very close race with Republican Chris Dudley set new records for campaign spending and left people refreshing their news sites over and over again yesterday as they awaited the final call. The race was so tight that when Kitzhaber was projected the winner Dudley still actually had the greater number of votes. But by late afternoon, with the majority of remaining ballots still to be counted from Multnomah County it became clear that the Democrat was going to win by a slim margin.

Dudley conceded in front of a Mexican restaurant in Lake Oswego last night. When asked if he’ll run again he said he would probably have a margarita first, and consider that later. Kitzhaber is scheduled to speak at 10 am today.

Editor’s Note: Today’s show will be an extended version of Think Out Loud. We’ll hear from the political parties, state legislative leaders, analysts, and you — and then at 10 take Kitzhaber’s remarks live. We’ll rejoin Here & Now once he has spoken.

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