PHAME student Anne-Marie Plass plays "The Rose" in the nonprofit's original rock opera, "The Poet's Shadow."

PHAME student Anne-Marie Plass plays “The Rose” in the nonprofit’s original rock opera, “The Poet’s Shadow.”

Jason Hill





  • The Portland nonprofit PHAME, which works with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, partnered with local arts organizations to create a rock opera. PHAME students wrote, composed and act in the rock opera, “The Poet’s Shadow.” We talk with Jenny Stadler, the executive director of PHAME, and Anne-Marie Plass, one of the actresses in the opera.



  • Oregon recently joined Washington and California in banning the sale of eggs from caged chickens. The law goes into effect in 2024. Proponents say the legislation will improve the quality of life for chickens, but some farmers have concerns about the new law. We hear from Humane Society Vice President for Farm Animal Protection Josh Balk and Wilcox Farms President Brent Wilcox about what cage-free egg production means for chickens and farmers.

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