Artists Repertory Theater is performing George Orwell's classic.

Artists Repertory Theater is performing George Orwell’s classic.

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  • Timathy Taylor shot and killed his neighbor in an isolated rural Klamath County community in 2016. Taylor claimed the murder was out of self-defense, and his 2018 murder trial ended in a split-jury mistrial. Tuesday afternoon, Taylor pleaded no contest to one count of criminally negligent homicide. We hear from Emma Marris, a Klamath Falls-based freelance journalist who looked into the case for her Atavist Magazine article, “Outlaw Country.”



  • The western pond turtle is a native turtle listed as endangered in Washington and threatened in Oregon. on Tuesday, the Turtle Haven Invasive Species Control and Restoration Project released western pond turtles back into the wild after a long, ongoing collaboration to rehabilitate them. Although the turtles have survived for millions of years, challenges such as shell disease and habitat loss are threatening them to near extinction. Sara Woods, land trust stewardship coordinator for Friends of the Columbia Gorge, and Katie Haman, wildlife veterinarian for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, explain why populations have declined so significantly and how Turtle Haven came to be as a designated habitat for western pond turtles. 



  • George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel “1984” has been adapted for the stage. The play is being performed by Artists Repertory Theatre (ART) and opens Friday. We talk with ART artistic director Dámaso Rodríguez, who also directed this production, and actor Claire Rigsby about how the themes of “Newspeak,” “thought police” and “Big Brother” are resonating right now.

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