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Labor Day Special: TOL's Rural Economy Tour

Pete Springer/OPB

Over the last few months, Think Out Loud has traveled around Oregon to explore the broad question of what makes rural economies thrive. From the high mountains of eastern Oregon to the central Oregon coast, we met fascinating people in old and new industries — all trying to make the best living they can in relatively small and sometimes isolated communities. In this show, we’ll bring you the highlights and some favorite moments, but you can hear the entire series — plus stories from OPB news on the same subject — here.

Do you live in rural Oregon? How do you make a living? Has that changed recently? What kind of support or infrastructure would help you, your family or your community thrive economically?

Our Rural Economy Series was part of The Rural Economy Project, which is a partnership between OPB and the Rural Development Initiative, Sustainable Northwest, and  The Oregon Consortium & Oregon Workforce Alliance.    

Web only extra: Diane Snyder on our Ranching show wrote a song about her experience losing the ranch that had been in her family for generations.

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