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Landscapes Of Violence | Prison Population | Gun Owners | Senior Softball

Portlander and senior softball player Leon Speroff

Portlander and senior softball player Leon Speroff

Sen Speroff

  • Portland artist Stephen Hayes joins us to discuss his new exhibition on display at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery. His latest “In The Hour Before” series portrays locations where violence has taken place in America, as seen from a Google Street View perspective.  
  • A new prison population forecast from Oregon’s Office of Economic Analysis shows that the number of women inmates in Oregon is projected to decline by 8 percent in the next decade. They attribute it primarily to a new law designed to help Oregon avoid opening a second women’s prison. We hear more about the Oregon Safety and Savings Act — passed in the last legislative session as HB 3078 — from the nonprofit Partnership for Safety and Justice, which helped create the bill.
  • Leon Speroff joins us to talk about his softball career, which he began more than a decade ago when he was 71. He’s headed to the Huntsman World Senior Games to defend his team’s 2016 gold medal.  

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