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Latino Presence in Oregon

Pete Springer/OPB

a href=””>2010 census data shows that the number of Latinos in Oregon is at its highest ever: over 450,000 people, or more than one in ten people. The Latino population increased by over 60% in ten years, making it the fastest growing minority group in the state.

On June 6th, PCUN (Northwest Farmworkers and Treeplanters United), a farmworkers’ rights organization with strong ties to the Oregon Latino community, will officially donate its historical records to the University of Oregon’s Knight Library. The event marks a formalization of a longstanding relationship between the two entities, and a continuation of recent trends at the university to better represent the Latino community in the state. In addition to its partnership with PCUN, the university recently added a Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies, which combines research opportunities and grants with a fully-supported major program.

Last October, Think Out Loud discussed issues of immigration and identity in anticipation of the Oregon Latino Agenda for Action’s Latino Summit. On this show we’ll focus on the partnership between PCUN and the University of Oregon, and how both institutions aim to bring the history of Latinos in Oregon to everyone through education and community involvement.

Have you worked with PCUN, or the Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies? How do you think the demographic shift will effect the face of business or education in Oregon?


  • Larry Kleinman: Treasurer-Secretary of PCUN
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