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Latino Summit

Pete Springer/OPB

This Sunday and Monday mark the inaugural summit of Oregon Latino Agenda for Action. OLAA was created to stimulate statewide efforts for social, economic, political and civic leadership in Oregon’s Latino community. The summit, titled, “One United Voice,” will address the different needs of Oregon’s fastest growing ethnic group. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that nearly 400,000 Latinos make up 11.2 percent of the state’s population, and within the community are diverse concerns about achieving the American Dream.  

Joining us in the conversation is the summit’s director Andrea Cano who says that organizing the summit was years in the making. 

My hope for this historic gathering is that it will bring together a diversity of voices. My fear is also the diversity of voices.

Also joining the discussion is Hector Lopez, past student body president of Rex Putnum High School, who discovered he was undocumented in September and deported to Mexico City.  And Romeo Sosa, a former day laborer who now heads up an advocacy group for day laborers in Portland.

What would you like to know about Oregon’s Latino community? If you are Latino, what has your experience in reaching for the American Dream been like? What priorities are important for you?

Correction: In this show there was an error in the introduction of Hector Lopez. He was brought here as a young child by his parents and there was no legal status for him to apply for. Hector also misstated the amount of time he was detained by US officials before deportation. According to his attorney, it was nine days. We regret the mistakes.

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