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Lewis & Clark's New President

Professor. Sociologist. Provost. Magician. All are titles held by Barry Glassner, who in October will add another to his collection: President of Lewis & Clark College. Glassner, most recently the executive vice provost at the University of Southern California, says he’s looking forward to working with Lewis & Clark’s “socially engaged” and “uncommonly involved” faculty and student body. Glassner could be described in a very similar way.

Not content with ivory tower scholarship, he has engaged with the wider world at every turn. Whether leading an initiative at USC to foster collaboration between the school’s arts and humanities departments on and off campus, or writing and speaking about the sociology behind cultural trends, Glassner is uncommonly engaged in his own right. Rumor has it that Glassner was also a world-class magician in his youth. (Perhaps he can make Portland’s rainclouds disappear?)

We’ll speak with Glassner about his vision for Lewis & Clark College, his Gospel of Food take on Portland’s gastronomy, and his ideas on bridging academia and civic life.

Are you a Lewis and Clark student, staff member or alum? Do you or did you attend another college or university in Portland? What questions do you have for Barry Glassner?

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