DVD's, books and computers live side by side at the Multnomah County Central Branch Library.

DVD’s, books and computers live side by side at the Multnomah County Central Branch Library.

Sage Van Wing/OPB

  • The Multnomah County Library is currently accepting submissions for a free music streaming and download service, which will spotlight — and compensate — local musicians. Portland musician Arietta Ward, who’ll help review submissions, joins us to talk about the Library Music Project and how artists navigate the local music industry.
  • A new book looks at counseling programs for sex offenders, and the specific needs of women who have committed sex crimes. Tim Buckley, is the co-author of “SO, The New Scarlet Letters.” Barbara, who was convicted of rape and sex abuse and has been out of prison for 16 years, joins us to share her story of life as a sex offender.
  • Bespoke Bodies is an exhibition and education program about the past, present and future of prosthetic design. It is on display at the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s Center for Contemporary Art & Culture until May 9. Erica Rife, managing director of the Design Museum Foundation, and Erica Bruns, an amputee and athlete from Oregon, join us to discuss the intersection between the human body and technology.

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