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Intervention in Libya

Pete Springer/OPB

Over the weekend, Oregonians — along with the rest of the world — took in the news that U.S. and European forces began enforcing a no-fly zone in Libya. This comes after a month of protests in the North African country, calling for the ouster of longtime leader Muammar Gadhafi. Gadhafi supporters have also taken to the streets. 

One of the big questions about the situation in Libya is: is it war? The term “civil war” has been widely used to describe the fighting among the Libyan people. What is less clear is whether or not the military intervention should be considered a war.

As the situation unfolds, Oregonians are debating whether the U.S. should be involved in Libya or not. An anti-war protest marking the eighth anniversary of the war in Iraq drew people from around the region, some of whom decried President Obama’s decision to help enforce the no-fly zone. But a group of Libyan-Americans gathered in Portland recently to voice their support for U.S. involvement in their home country.

Do you have a connection to Libya? Do you have family there? What’s your reaction to the fighting among Libyan citizens? What do you think about the no-fly zone? Have you participated in a demonstration for or against U.S. involvement in Libya?


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