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Listening for an Alzheimer's Strategy

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We’re following up on our shows about Alzheimer’s research and living with the disease with a check-in on the creation of state and national strategies for dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. Earlier this year, advocates celebrated what they called the biggest development in years: President Obama signing the National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA) into law.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, NAPA will create a national strategy

to overcome the Alzheimer’s crisis and will ensure the coordination and evaluation of all national efforts in Alzheimer’s research, clinical care, institutional, and home-and community-based programs and their outcomes.

As part of that effort, the Oregon chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association is coordinating town hall meetings to gather information to report back to the federal Department of Health and Human Services. At the same time, the local chapter will also collect information to put together a state strategy.

They want people to share their experiences with Alzheimer’s disease. They want to know if it has affected you personally; if it has affected your family or community; what insights you might have from working with people or families dealing with the disease; and your thoughts about what the state and federal government should do to address the problem.

What might you say in one of these town hall meetings? What do you hope would come out of them?

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