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Listening Back To Ariel Gore On The End Of Eve

Ana June

In her new memoir The End of Eve, Ariel Gore chronicles the often thankless role of caregiver with honesty, humility, and humor. The book begins with her elderly mother Eve getting diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.

Eve is clearly a force to be reckoned with. Shortly after her diagnosis, Eve, Ariel, Ariel’s partner, and their young son relocate to Santa Fe, New Mexico. In a moment of reflection, Ariel writes,

“Just a few months earlier, in Portland, I’d had what I always imagined I wanted: A partner and a home of my own, work in my chosen field, [my daughter] Maia making her way to an undergraduate degree. Some kind of an all in the list of checkmarked boxes I called life. I thought of my Gammie, and the way she’d pour herself a nice, tall vodka tonic whenever she saw my mother enter a room and sip her drink and whisper under her breath, ‘If there isn’t chaos, there soon will be.’”

We spoke with Ariel Gore back in March and, later, devoted an hour to the challenges and rewards of caregiving. Today, we listen back to our conversation with Ariel Gore.

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