An aerial image of where the green loop might eventually be in Portland.

An aerial image of where the green loop might eventually be in Portland.

Untitled Studio

  • We broadcast live from the headquarters of Portland Design Week at the Redd building in Southeast Portland. “State of Wonder” host April Baer gives us an overview of what Design Week is, and the sorts of events it will encompass.
  • Last year’s Design Week featured a challenge to design a 6-mile linear park looping through close-in Portland. The winner of that challenge, Untitled Studio, has transformed Design Week headquarters this year with an interactive exhibit. William Smith and Courtney Ferris of Untitled Studio join us to explain the plan, and Mark Raggett, a senior planner at the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, tells us where it fits into the city’s design.
  • The new streetwear t-shirt design company dfrntpigeon, run by at-risk and homeless youth, is launching a new product line about identity. The non-profit New Avenues for Youth teamed up with the branding company AKQA to mentor the young people. Ginny Golden, Group Creative Director with AKQA, and Olivia and Dani from dfrntpigeon, join us.
  • Jami Curl has lived in Oregon for 20 years. In that time she’s built two successful food companies: St. Cupcake, and Quin Candy. She discusses how design influenced both companies with April Baer.

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