Ellen Meny is a multimedia journalist at KVAL in Eugene, Oregon.

Ellen Meny is a multimedia journalist at KVAL in Eugene, Oregon.

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  • “In June, a man I’ve never met messaged me on my professional Facebook page. He asked me about a news story … And then he asked me to have his children.” That’s how Ellen Meny starts off a first-person piece she wrote about the harassment she’s experienced as a TV reporter in Eugene. While many #metoo stories tend to focus on harassment from coworkers, Meny focuses on a problem that she and many other female TV journalists face — harassment that comes from viewers.



  • Ballots are hitting the mail this week in Oregon for a special Jan. 23 referendum on a tax Oregon lawmakers passed last year in an effort to fund Medicaid and shore up the state budget. We’re joined by political analyst Jim Moore, Felisa Hagins with the Yes On 101 campaign  and Oregon state Rep. Julie Parrish, R-West Linn, who is with the No On 101 campaign.

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