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Whether you love or hate public opinion polls — or both — you won’t want to miss the results of this broad-ranging survey Portland Monthly commissioned from long-time pollsters DHM. Why now? Editor-in-chief Randy Gragg has a answer for that:

The answer is easy: at a time when all eyes are on Obama, Romney, Hales, and Smith—or, really, on a wishy-washy micro-minority who will decide who wins — we felt an urge (if not a desperate need) to step back, turn around, and look at the bigger us: in a sense, our neighbors. With the help of DHM Research, which has been polling Portland attitudes for 30 years, we asked some basic questions, such as: Who among us believes in a god, feels underpaid, spanks their kids? Who thinks the “creative economy” is real? And, of course, who’s having lots of sex—or none at all? 

Among the results: 64% believe (in something); 16% cheat; 57% spank; 87% would pull the plug. You can read the full results — with answers to more than 75 questions — in the October issue of Portland Monthly.

Do you find some of these poll results suprising? Which ones? Why?


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