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Marking The Six-Month Anniversary Of The Clackamas Town Center Shooting

Pete Springer/OPB

Today marks the six-month anniversary of the Clackamas Town Center shootings. In that time, family members of the two victims, Cindy Yuille and Steve Forsyth, have channeled their grief into efforts to pass gun control legislation. They’ve testified in front of an Oregon Senate Committee and traveled to Washington D.C. to lobby for legislation.

Although many gun-control efforts have centered on background checks and the renewal of the assault weapons ban, the family members of the Clackamas victims say they’re focused on gun safety. As it stands, Oregon has no “safe-storage” law on the books that would hold gun owners responsible for storing their guns securely. The gun used by Jacob Roberts in the Clackamas Town Center shooting was unsecured in a friend’s home.

We’ll talk with family members of victims and others about the effect the events of that day had on their lives.

Were you at the mall the day of the shooting? Have you been back since then? Have your views on guns changed since the Clackamas or Sandy Hook shootings? How did those shootings affect you?

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