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Matt Kish

There are some people on our staff who have a real love for the tale of Moby-Dick so when the book Moby-Dick In Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page showed up at our office we couldn’t resist digging in. The illustrator, Matt Kish, says:

Really, I just wanted to make a version of Moby-Dick that looks like I see it. That’s all.

While the concept may be simple, the end product is anything but.

Kish made art with whatever he had on hand. He drew on notebook paper, sketchpads, and countless pages torn from old textbooks and scientific reference works. He drew with ballpoint pens and nail polish, acrylic paint and colored pencils.

Kish joined us early in November to talk about why he embarked on this project, and about the pleasures and pitfalls he encountered on his voyage.

Have you read Moby-Dick? Does Kish’s work match how you imagined Moby-Dick?


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