The town of Maupin finally has broadband internet service.

The town of Maupin finally has broadband internet service.

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  • It took decades of advocacy and planning for Maupin to get high-speed broadband. After securing funding from the state of Oregon and six other sources, the town of 430 now has some of the fastest internet speeds in the Pacific Northwest. Mayor Lynn Ewing shares the challenges of rural broadband and the changes it’s bringing to his town. Chris Tamarin, a telecommunications strategist at the Oregon Business Development Department, also joins us. 



  • Seventeen years ago, Lori Guerrero temporarily lost custody of her kids due to her meth addiction. Now she’s in long-term recovery, and she helps other parents struggling with addiction. She’s a FIT program supervisor for Volunteers of America Oregon. We hear her story and talk about the overlap between addiction and the child welfare system.



  • Most of the nurses at Portland’s 24-hour emergency psychiatric center are moving to unionize. Nurses at the Unity Center for Behavioral Health say unionizing will give them a better voice in how patients are cared for. Unity Center has faced an investigation from OHA and several lawsuits from former employees. We talk to two nurses about the work they do at Unity.

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