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McMinnville Officers Sued For Alleged Brutality

Pete Springer/OPB

In February of 2010, a Latino man named Hipolito Aranda was riding in a car when the driver was pulled over for suspected drunk driving. The lawsuit Aranda later filed against law enforcement officers alleges that officers used excessive and unnecessary force after he asked if he could walk home. The Yamhill News-Register posted a recently released video of the incident. Aranda suffered broken ribs and a broken elbow. He had faced charges of resisting arrest, but was cleared of those charges. 

Steve Bagwell, the managing editor of the Yamhill News-Register, says a trial date was close to being set when apparently as settlement was reached. We’ll get more details about the case and the terms of that settlement.

UPDATE 6/12/13: Since our show, the Yamhill News-Register has reported that McMinnville police officer Tim Heidt, who was named in the lawsuit, no longer works for the city; and has confirmed the settlement agreement.

Do you live in McMinnville? Have you been following this case?


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