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Measure 66

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With the New Year comes resolutions, best wishes and, this year, ballots in the mail. If you haven’t heard by now, January 26th is election day in Oregon for two controversial tax measures — Measures 66 and 67. They’re both designed to fill a state budget shortfall by increasing taxes. If you haven’t seen the ads on TV yet, you certainly will soon.

Today we’ll focus on Measure 66. It proposes to raise taxes on incomes above $250,000 for households, $125,000 for individual filers. Proponents say tax increases are necessary in order to support education, health care, public safety, and other state services that are currently underfunded by the state. Opponents say raising taxes discourages investment in the state — a particularly bad thing during a recession.

We’ve discussed taxes many times on Think Out Loud, and we expect to do so at least twice more this month. On Thursday we’ll discuss Measure 67, which would increase the state’s corporate minimum tax.  And keep checking the blog and listening on air for more information about a special program we’ll record in front of a live audience here at OPB shortly before election day.

But until then, get the conversation started now about Measure 66. What do you think of the proposed income tax increases? Are they good or bad for you? For the state? How will you vote, and why?

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