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Measure 74

Measure 74 would establish a system of dispensaries to sell marijuana to medical users registered in Oregon. Currently medical marijuana patients in this state must either grow their own marijuana or have plants grown for them by a third-party provider, who cannot be paid for the costs of production. Under Measure 74, patients could obtain marijuana from licensed dispensaries, who along with producers would be reimbursed for their efforts.

Proponents of the measure champion dispensaries because of the projected economic benefits (pdf) — like job creation and tax revenue — as well as the ability to increase access to medical marijuana for patients who may not be able to grow their own. Opponents charge that by allowing unlimited dispensaries and failing to establish standards for product quality control, Measure 74 sets the stage for crime and corruption. 

Are you a medical marijuana patient? Are you familiar with the dispensary systems in California or Colorado? What do you think of Measure 74?

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