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Measures 63 and 64

What would you like to ask anti-tax activist Bill Sizemore?

Bill Sizemore, known by many as an anti-tax activist, has five offerings on the ballot this November, including Measures 63 and 64. You may have heard something about measure 64 — it’s getting a lot of TV ad play — but Measure 63 has gotten much less attention (for or against) in the leadup to the election.

Measure 63 would allow Oregonians to make up to $35,000 in certain home improvements each year without getting a permit. This is a new measure from Sizemore, who says it will bring legal safeguards to a practice that’s already common among homeowners across Oregon. Opponents of the measure say it will lead to unsafe construction and a loss of important government revenue.

Measure 64 would prohibit public employees from using state resources to collect money for political purposes. Critics of the measure say this will prevent working class Oregonians from having a say in the political arena. Sizemore argues it will stop the problem of “commingling”: using taxpayer funds to collect political funds.

How would these measures affect you? Are you a public employee who currently uses voluntary payroll deduction to donate to charities and organizations? Or a charity that currently benefits from those donations? Would you like to be able to do certain renovations without a permit? (And would you like your neighbor to be able to, as well?) Are you a firefighter who already sees non-permitted home improvements? Do you buy the arguments about safety?


Bill Sizemore, author of measures 63 and 64

Tim Birr, Retired division chief of the Tualatin Fire Department

Leslie Frane, Executive Director of SEIU Local 503

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