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Medford Mourns

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The stabbing death of a mother and her four young children earlier this week has led to the biggest homicide investigation in Medford history. It started with a call to the fire department when neighbors saw smoke coming from the modest house on the west side of town. Firefighters rescued six people from the home: Tabasha Paige-Criado, Jordan Criado and their four children. Emergency responders quickly discovered that the mother and children were suffering from stab wounds as well as smoke inhalation. They were later pronounced dead at the hospital. Jordon Criado remains unconscious after inhaling smoke from the fire as well. Police consider him a suspect in the murder of his wife and children.

This horrific crime was a bombshell that shocked the entire community from the family’s neighbors to the emergency responders and reporters who were first on the scene. Paige-Criado’s relatives spoke to the media today, displaying the anguish this tragedy has caused them. Her brother also offered forgiveness to Jordon Criado.

Do you live in Medford? How has this tragedy affected you? Has a tragedy like this ever occurred where you live? What was the affect on the community?


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