Bhagwan Rajneesh in WILD WILD COUNTRY

Bhagwan Rajneesh in WILD WILD COUNTRY


  • Lost Valley Farm, a controversial mega-dairy near Boardman, is being sued by the Oregon Department of Agriculture over alleged violations of its wastewater permit. The dairy’s owner said the legal action could force the dairy to shut down. We get the details from Oregonian reporter Molly Harbarger.
  • The Portland Timbers have added a new soccer player to their team — but he will compete in eSports competitions instead of playing soccer on the field with his teammates. Edgar Guerrero, a McMinnville native, will represent the Timbers in eMLS, a competitive league for the video game FIFA 18. He joins us.
  • In the 1980s, over 2,000 people led by a guru from India formed their own city in rural central Oregon near the town of Antelope. Tomorrow, a new documentary about the Rajneeshees airs on Netflix. We’ll talk to the directors, Chapman and Maclain Way, about “Wild Wild Country.”

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