Teresa Alonso Leon

Teresa Alonso Leon

Photo courtesy Oregon House Democrats

  • The Eugene program CAHOOTS is receiving national recognition and has become a model for police response to mental health crises in other states. Instead of sending police officers to mental health crisis calls, CAHOOTS sends a crisis worker and a medic. CAHOOTS now responds to nearly 20 percent of emergency calls in Eugene and Springfield. We talk to Tim Black, the operations coordinator for the program.  
  • Last spring, biologist Scot Loring discovered a new mushroom species in southern Oregon near Soda Mountain. The fungi is about “8 centimeters tall, convex caps with a mix of brownish tones, white margins, a white veil, tan gills, and a whitish stem that tapers to the base.” Loring, who is also a mycologist, will work with Friends of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument on naming the new species. We’ll speak with him about the discovery.

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