Croatian actress Mia Zara in the play "No Candy," at Portland Playhouse.

Croatian actress Mia Zara in the play “No Candy,” at Portland Playhouse.

Portland Playhouse/Brud Giles

  • Andre Gladen was the third person in a perceived mental health crisis that Portland Police fatally shot in the span of nine months. OPB reporter Ericka Cruz Guevarra looked into why police are often the first responders for mental health crises in Multnomah County. And we hear about mental health crisis response in Deschutes County.
  • IRCO’s Immigrant Nurse Credentialing Program helps nurses who immigrated from other countries get their credentials in Oregon. The program had its first class of graduates in December. We talk with one of the graduates, Hiromi Comer.
  • A new play at Portland Playhouse tells the story of a group of Bosnian women who survived the Srebrenica genocide. Croatian actress Mia Zara plays one of the leads.

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