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The new buildings will have rooms even smaller than this 300 square foot "micro-loft."

The new buildings will have rooms even smaller than this 300 square foot “micro-loft.”

Can your life fit into 200 square feet?

Two new development projects underway in Portland will offer residents living space the size of a small hotel room, with access to a communal kitchen. Sometimes called micro-apartments, these rooms are not counted as individualized units when it comes to zoning. Instead, they’re regulated the same way a dormitory or group home might be. This irks some neighbors because it means the new buildings will not have to comply with the minimum parking requirements Portland recently put in place for new apartment buildings. But developers say many of their residents don’t even own cars.

Portland minimalists already have some options, such as the Everett Micro-Lofts, where rooms can be as small as 300 square feet. The new buildings from Footprint Investments will offer even smaller spaces, like the developer’s existing projects in Seattle and other cities.

What do you think of this idea? How small of a space would you want to live in?

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