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Military Families

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Tammera Rosenleaf says the worst year of her life was when her husband served in Iraq during wartime. One of the ways she coped with the stress was to raise money to help protect him. She held bake sales to buy body armor for him and his unit. That helped her feel better but she says she never stopped worrying.

Today, her husband is in the Army Reserves and unlikely to be called to active duty, but she says she feels compelled to educate people about the challenges that military families face. In many cases they are some of the same issues that veterans do: survivor guilt, PTSD, clinical depression, and increased risk of suicide.

Tammera Rosenleaf will perform her own story and those of other military families at an event called Homefront 911 this Friday. The event features true life accounts written and performed by military family members, with a facilitated dialogue after the show. We’ll speak with Rosenleaf and other members of military families about how having a loved one deployed has affected their health and well-being and how they cope.

Do you have a loved one who served or is serving in Iraq or Afghanistan? What’s the most difficult challenge? How do you cope? Have you experienced PTSD, depression or other mental health issue? What policy changes do you think the federal government should be thinking about?

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