A piano decorated by artist Gary Hirsch for Piano. Push. Play. 

A piano decorated by artist Gary Hirsch for Piano. Push. Play. 

Courtesy of Gary Hirsch



  • Moda Health, an Oregon-based health insurance company, says the federal government owes it a quarter of a billion dollars. An appeals court disagreed. But this week, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that it would take up the case. John McConnell is the director of the Center for Health Systems Effectiveness at Oregon Health and Science University. He tells us what’s at stake for Moda, the Affordable Care Act and other health insurance companies around the country.



  • The InventOR Collegiate Challenge allows groups of Oregon college students to showcase inventive solutions to important social and economic challenges across the state, both in urban and rural regions. Competitors are vying for $25,000 in prizes. We speak to three finalists about their inventions.



  • Piano. Push. Play. puts pianos in public places all over Portland in the summertime. Each piano is decorated by a different artist and maintained by a team of volunteers throughout the months of July and August. We hear from Megan McGeorge, the passionate founder of Piano. Push. Play., and artist Gary Hirsch, who decorated one of the pianos that will be on display this summer.

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