Mount St. Helens peeking through the clouds.

Mount St. Helens peeking through the clouds.

Molly Solomon/OPB

  • The Forest Service has given a Canadian company permission to explore for gold and copper near Mount St. Helens. EarthFix reporter Eilis O’Neill tells us what’s at stake.
  • Portland Community College Rock Creek Campus President Sandra Fowler-Hill and Liliana Luna, DACA recipient and PCC Multicultural Center Coordinator, join us to talk about a new resource center aimed at helping DACA recipients navigate and pay for their education.
  • The Washington Supreme Court recently upheld the felony child pornography conviction of a 17-year-old who texted an unsolicited sexual photo of himself to an adult acquaintance. Legal advocates have argued against charging teens who “sext” explicit selfies with felony sex offenses. What laws apply to juveniles and sexting in Oregon, and how are teens taught about it in schools? We talk to Oregon criminal defense attorney Emily Simon and sex education specialist Kris Gowen to find out more.

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